Yoga is for EVERY Bawdy

Yoga is for EVERY Bawdy. Whether you are Black..Brown..Small..Tall..Thin or Thicker than a Snicker..Yoga is for YOU.


Despite the fact that brown folks are not often the face of yoga even though yoga has it's roots in India, Yoga is for you. 

Come join us at one of our yoga events below for a truly inclusive, affirming, and as the kids say..LIT space. 

Nekkid Yoga (women only)


That's right we are getting NAKED. We promise, there is nothing more affirming than being surrounded by women of all shapes and sizes, with nothing on.  Stand next to your sisters,  push the limits of your body and your self love.

Come Bare your soul....and dem tatas!

Yoga and that 'Yak

TM we aren't really gonna have any Cognac..but there will be libations and hennything is possible.  After a vigorous vinyasa yoga practice, what better way then to cool down with a little prosecco and light conversation. 

Come Savasana and Sip with us!

Yoga + 

Yoga Plus is a pretty traditional class but like everything melanated folks do. It's a little extra. There may be a color theme (you know black folk love a good all white event) or maybe it's the playlist for the class that adds a bit of spice. Either way come out and play!

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